Casa Virginia

Villa d'Almè

The company’s name: Casa Virginia, is dedicated to the mother of Antonio, Gianfranco and Patrizia Lecchi. For them, their mother Virginia, who died in 1996, is never a just a memory, she is always present, smiling and giving them advice, happy to be surrounded by nature and the flowers about which she was extremely passionate, especially roses, today a symbol of the company. Casa Virginia is located in the hamlet of Violo in the municipality of Villa d’Almè, exactly in Via Cascina Violo. For Antonio, the owner of the company, VioLino Riserva wine is like a great composition, a passion coming from the soul and heart, the living expression of thought and feeling. Its goodness is due to a series of meticulous passages, like the notes that harmoniously compose the melodies. It is produced only with the best vintages, when nature has favoured its success, and therefore can only be dedicated to another person who is eternal for Antonio and the Lecchi family, their father Ferdinando known as Lino. The name of the wine comes from Via Violo + Lino = VioLino.

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